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The All-In-One Learning Platform That Delivers Results

CYPHER Learning simplifies, streamlines, and saves you time and resources by offering 1 platform with 3 powers: Learning Management System (LMS) + Learning Experience Platform (LXP) + content development – driven by leading AI innovation. This powerful combination is delivered via our generative learning platform.

Give learners what they need, before they need it

The CYPHER Learning award-winning learning management software helps you move faster on learning initiatives than ever before.

  • Content development and delivery
  • AI media options: visuals, voiceover
  • Generate courses in 50+ languages

Deliver the modern learning experience

LXPs are more than just a new LMS – it’s a whole new way for all to learn and grow while saving time and resources.

  • Personalized skills development
  • Competency-based learning
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Human connection
  • Gamification

Build courses faster – no experience required

Generate what you need with ease. 
AI 360 with Copilot accelerates the creation of competency-based, gamified courses, with assessments in minutes.

  • Automation
  • Integrations
  • Reporting and analytics
  • User interface and user experience
  • E-commerce
  • Administration
  • Support, security, and privacy
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  • Improved learner engagement and motivation

    The platform's personalized learning paths, gamification elements, and interactive content create a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Enhanced learning outcomes

    Adaptive learning, instant learning, microlearning and skills development features help learners achieve better results and acquire practical skills.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

    Automation and streamlined workflows save time and effort for instructors and administrators.

  • Scalability and flexibility

    The platform can be easily adapted to different learning environments and user needs.

Award-winning platform

our services

Empowering Modern Learning with Innovative Digital Tools

We’re not just about technology; we’re about transformation. We harness the power of leading-edge technology to transform your organization’s learning and development. Our digital solutions, combined with our passion for learning and innovation, create engaging, effective, and future-ready learning experiences.

Strategic Learning Partner

We aim to become an extension of your team


We collaborate closely to understand your challenges and goals, crafting a tailored learning solutions that align with your organization's vision and delivers measurable results.

Workshops to inspire & empower


Mastering the 4 Modes for Transformational Leadership


Unleash your full learning leadership potential! AVALEARN's workshop dives deep into the groundbreaking 4 Modes of Learning framework, equipping you with the tools to transform your approach to education and leadership.

Seamless Integration & Adoption

We ensure seamless implementation.
Our seamless integration and migration process minimizes disruption and maximizes user adoption, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Bespoke Content & Experiences

We craft experiences
that breathe life into your learning initiatives with captivating courses, interactive modules, and AI and VR-powered simulations.

We'll help you curate and organize your existing content to maximize its effectiveness and relevance.

Curated Tech Solutions

We carefully curate the latest technologies
like CYPHER Learning, DUTCHVR and ELAI.IO.
Selecting the perfect blend to meet your specific needs and maximize your investment.

CYPHER Learning Mastery

We will empower your internal trainers to master the CYPHER Learning platform. Enabling them to deliver engaging and impactful learning experiences.

our solutions

Cutting-Edge Technology for Unforgettable Learning Experiences

Go beyond traditional training methods with our innovative solutions. Captivate your learners with the engaging CYPHER LMS/LXP platform, interactive VR/AR simulations and AI-powered avatars. Immerse them in realistic scenarios for hands-on skill development. Make learning memorable and impactful with state-of-the-art technology. Unlock the full potential of your workforce through transformative experiences.

cypher learning
LMS | LXP | Ai 360 with copilot

CYPHER Learning is an AI-powered platform offering personalized and engaging learning experiences.

It provides comprehensive tools for creating, delivering, and managing online courses, enhancing learner engagement and tracking progress.

With its intuitive interface and AI-driven features, CYPHER streamlines content creation, automates tasks, and offers personalized recommendations, improving learning outcomes and ROI for both educators and businesses.

Virtual & augmented

DUTCHVR is a leading provider of immersive virtual reality (VR) augmented reality (AR) and (XR) extended reality learning solutions.

They offer custom-designed VR experiences for diverse learning objectives, from technical training to soft skills development.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology and simulating real-world scenarios, DutchVR enhances engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development.

ai video generator

Elai.io is an AI video generator that can be used to create training videos.

It offers a variety of features that can be helpful for learning, such as avatar creation, a library of templates, and the ability to translate videos into multiple languages.

Elai.io can also be used to create interactive quizzes and branching storylines.

This can help to make learning more engaging and effective.


Your Trusted Partner in digital Learning solutions

AVALEARN’s value propositions extend beyond simply selling digital learning solutions. We aim to be a full-service partner for organisations seeking to enhance their learning and development initiatives. 

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  • strategic

    We're invested in your success, working collaboratively to achieve your goals.

  • Tailored

    We understand your unique needs and customize our services accordingly.

  • Expert

    Our experienced consultants provide insights and recommendations based on real-world experience and industry best practices.

  • Data-Driven

    We help you measure impact and make informed decisions to drive continuous improvement.

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